Win with The 3G Mindset

Mindset is everything. You will hear great and accomplished people from different fields say. As for Winston Churchill, he put it simply this way: “The empires of the future are empires of the mind.” The great book of wisdom, the Bible puts it this way, “Romans 12:2(ERV) -“……but let God change you inside with a new way of thinking…” The fact that God is interested in this subject matter, it means it’s of great importance. Let’s look at three mindsets, that I am calling the 3G mindset. This kind of mindset encompasses all the aspects of our mindset.

1. Global Mindset

It is about how far you see, reach and go to understand and address the everyday challenges and issues. A global mindset is a defining factor in a person’s long-term career prospects and growth. This mindset sets you apart and allows you to compete on a global scale. Global is all about being open to new experiences and new ideas as well as the ability to make new connections and to create new combinations. In summary this mindset says THINK BIG.

2. Good Mindset

Good is the foundation upon which everything else is built. This aspect of mindset is about seeing and approaching the world in a way that truly benefits those around you. It involves ethics, morality and your general approach to others. Good mindset affect how honest, considerate, trusting, fair, dedicated and satisfied one’s followers are. Good is timeless. It does not cost you anything to be good but it costs everything if you are not good. Always be good in all your engagements and in your craft.

3. Grit Mindset

Grit is the last G in the 3G mindset,and it happens to be the fuel cell of the other two G’s, meaning it is what propels you forward, and brings your 3G mindset to life, even in the darkest moments. Grit proves anyone can come out ahead, regardless of his or her advantages and disadvantages in life. Grit simply stands for having a resilient and never give up spirit. That no matter the odds, you are determined and committed to win. It does not matter what people say, the insults, the negative talks, the impossibilities as it may appear you have set your mind to go all the way to victory.

It is for sure that Mindsets matters more, mindsets fills the gap, mindset endures or lasts, mindsets sets you apart and that mindsets and money are married.

The 3G mindset (GLOBAL, GOOD AND GRIT) work all together, as in a harmonic music, to bring out the victory and success that you desire.

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