New Year Challenge….

As the year ends and transits to a new year, most of us, if not all are excited, full of hope and expectations for the new year. At the eve of the new year many eyes stay awake to witness vividly the coming of the new year. As the countdown starts, 3..2..1….eyes are wide open and finally joy and celebration fills the air for seeing yet another year. So as we enter into a new year it is wise to sit down, and reflect and challenge ourselves for a better year, because in as much as we all expect it to be a better year than the previous one, it may not turn out so for everyone. Below are some food for thought nuggets to digest as you start off the year:

1. Nothing Changes unless You Change

Nothing is constant, only God remains to be the same yesterday, today and forever. All else change: Years change. Seasons and times change. People change. Environments change. Situations and circumstances change. This is the reality of life, so if one is not changing to match the new changes they become obsolete. One needs to upgrade to a better version of themselves in order to possess the demands of the new level and changes. As the year starts, one must make decision to develop and build themselves to the new version that will face the year with confidence. One needs to polish their passions, their abilities, potentials, their gifting and their skills through engaging various resources like books, videos, seminar, conferences, mentorship or even going back to school. Whatever the means be, ensure you are being transformed into a better you.

2. Review and Planning

At the onset of the year, there is need to sit down quietly and evaluate the previous year. Evaluate your successes and be grateful. Evaluate your mistakes and seek to find a better way of doing corrections. Evaluate your failures and make the necessary adjustments. After reviewing every area of your life, it’s good to set clear smart goals, come up with strategies and the way forward. It is time to envision and Dream again. Planning brings order and saves alot of time. Every minute spend in planning can spare hours or days in execution.

3. Commit

Raise the bar of your commitment and take it to the next level. Commit to your goals, and to all you have planned. Have the attitude of, I will do it, whatever it takes.

Above all else, commit your plans to God, and He will make them to succeed. Let God be at the centre of it all, for many are the plans in the hearts of men but it is the Lord’s will that prevails.

Blessed, Prosperous New Year

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