7 Keys To Get Things Done

Many people in the world never actually get to live to their full potential and exploit their gifts. We have many that have big dreams and ambitions but when you look at their lives, it speaks the opposite of what they stand for and dream. There are others who have very nice business plans and projects but it only remains as wishes in their mind. There seems to be a gap between the dreams and their fulfillment, and this poses as a big challenge. Many wonder how comes others are making it, and they seem not to make it. There are so many factors that may be contributing to this challenge but at the same time there may be other factors that may be the cause which when handled would bring a great change.

In as much as we may not know the full details of our lives and have all the answers to what happens to us, the greatest tragedy is to be in a certain place in your life without your knowledge of “why” you are there. Without any idea of what is going on in your life, and without discernment of the season you are in.

Let’s check out on some things that can Jumpstart us to get things that we have left unattended to for long be done.

1. Start

The secret to getting ahead is getting started. So if you procrastinate and postpone your starting, you deny yourself the chance of making progress. Have you been making plans on how to start reading that book that will set you ahead in your business and relationship? Have you been postponing and planning on starting that business, getting involved in that investment but you are yet to do so? The secret is no longer a secret, get started and get started Now.

2. Don’t make excuses

There are people who are masters of making excuses and am not talking about you. Instead of finding solutions to new challenges, they pity themselves and find all the problems why they can’t figure out a solution. We have people who see problems where there are solutions, and see more problems where are problems. You hear one say, I can’t start this project because I am busy, I don’t have money to do so, I am not qualified enough for the task. And so many other excuses. The reality is, excuses make a house of failure. Instead of spending so much energy to make an excuse, ask yourself; “How can I make this a reality?” instead of saying, “I can’t”, say “How can I?” and solutions will start flowing to you.

3. Celebrate small steps

The journey of a thousand miles starts with one step. After making a step towards your vision and your goal, celebrate those small achievements for they contribute to your big goal. This gives you the fuel, to getting more done.

4. Ignore critics

The world we are living in is full of critics. People who never see good in anything. When you do good they are talking evil about it, when you mess they are still there. If you fear what people will say, or how they will see you remember Jesus did good and died to save the very same people who criticized him and Satan is also destroying people who are criticizing him.

5. Be Consistent

The stamina and will to continue doing something despite challenges is what separates ordinary from extraordinary people. Many people gives up so easily, they turn back when faced with small challenges and say, “maybe this was not meant for me” and abort their success. Champions have the attitude of persisting until they win, the attitude of do or die, the have the attitude of continuing no matter the pain for they know persistence wears out resistance. They have the discipline of being consistent.

6. Be Open-minded

The greatest gift and ability one can have is being open minded. This is the ability to see what others don’t. Seeing opportunities amidst challenges instead of complaining. For life to unfold with joy and satisfaction, one must cultivate and develop this ability. A closed mind is a closed destiny.

7. Stay positive

Positivity neutralizes negativity. It inspires hope and gives you the drive and push to go on doing things. So amidst all negativity in the world remain positive.

I echo the words of one of my mentors who said:

“If you are considering the size of your pocket you won’t do anything in life. It is the size of your determination, vision and approach towards life that makes the difference. If you don’t dare to try, you will continue working for those who do. Take a chance today, and make a difference.”

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