“Do Not Sneeze”

A young man was caught up in a cross fire between a gang of robbers and law enforcement agents as he was going home from work. It happened that he got shot accidentally at his back and the robbers managed to escape. The police called an ambulance and took him to the hospital to be attended to since he was seriously wounded and had lost consciousness.

Upon arrival at the hospital, he was taken in for an emergency operation to remove the bullet and save his life. Thank God for the quick response of the police, he was still breathing though he had lost alot of blood.

In the operation room, something strange happened that caused the brilliant minds of the surgeons to sweat. They discovered that the bullet was very close to the heart and if they removed it, there could be more harm than just letting it remain there. So after a wide consultation, they made a decision to let it remain though with strict instructions for the surviving man. After a successful surgery the young man recovered. There was a doctor seated on the side of his hospital bed waiting for him to gain consciousness, and stabilize so that he can give him instructions for his living. These were the instructions to the young man; “Do Not Sneeze” for if you do so the bullet will tear your heart and you will die” the doctor said. That is how the young man had to live and news spread all over that there is a young man who was told not to sneeze.

To many people, this seemed to be like a joke but to the young man it was a matter of life and death. It meant if he sneezed he would lose his life. It meant that all of his dreams and ambitions would come to an end. It meant all hope for a better tomorrow would be lost.

You may be reading this and you are in the same situation where you have to make hard decisions and tuff choices for your survival in business, in employment, in family and in some areas of your life. You may be caught up in the same predicament where you have to fight and hold on to the end, so as to see your dreams come true. What will you do? Will you sneeze by giving up on your dream? Will you sneeze by fearing to take that risk to pursue that dream and let it die? Will you sneeze by living in hopelessness, and dwelling in the past failures and deny yourself a bright future that you can have? Will you sneeze by fearing what people will say, when you act differently from the norm and die in the status quo?


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