4 Golden Keys To Growth And Unstoppable Success

Life is a process, and a journey that is governed by irrefutable laws that work for anybody, anytime without discrimination and prejudices. These laws are keys that open doors to whatever area and aspect in life. May it be for your Spirituality, physical life, relationships, finance, business name it all. These keys contain in themselves enough fuel of inspiration and motivation to push you to your dreams and the fulfillment of your purpose in life. Whoever is willing and obedient to practice them and live them eats the good of life. So what are some of these keys:

1. Decision Making

Every person on planet earth was given a special gift by God and this is the ability to Chose. However, how one uses this gift makes a difference whether they will grow or remain stagnant in one place, whether they succeed or not, whether they become extraordinary persons or just commoners.

The day you stop postponing making those important decisions is the day you discover your potentials and abilities, you realize your greatness, and start the process of lifting your self-esteem, and confidence. That very moment you decide to decide, is the exact time doors of opportunities and success open. Remember indecision is the thief of time and opportunity. Yes we need to take time and make wise decisions but it is better to make a decision that maybe wrong than to not make a decision at all. Even now make a decision to start that business, decide to attend that class and polish on your skills, decide to do exercises and keep your body fit, decide to start practicing some spiritual disciplines. Just decide, and let it be now.

2. Planning

After deciding, it is now time to put those ideas, those imaginations, those thoughts on paper. A plan makes those ideas, goals, vision, imaginations you have real. Anything that you have decided on but not put on paper remains only a wish. When you put it on paper, it becomes clear, and you get excited by seeing it become a reality.

3. Getting Started

A journey of a thousand miles starts with one step. Yes you have decided on that goal and vision, and made the necessary plans. It is time to apply and work the plan. Many people get stuck in making plans after plans and never make that first step. You ask somebody, have you read the book I bought you? And they go like; I am making some plans to finish it this week. You hear another say I am making some plans to get started in that business, and if you happen to meet them some days after, they still are making plans. The reality however is, taking action sets you on the track to growth and success. You can never make progress unless you get started. You want to get ahead? The secret is in getting started Now.

4. Making Progressive Progress

When you get started, you are already ahead of all that never did. However, you need not stop there. Continue making progress from one plan to another, from one action to another, from one activity to another until you achieve your goal. Many people walk in life unhappy not because of anything but simply for lack of progress towards a pre-set goal. You are unhappy when you are not achieving your goals, dreams, or worse when you cannot see the hope of ever making it in life. Choose to be happy by taking little steps everyday. Start, continue and never stop until you achieve.

If you cannot fly, run. If you cannot run, walk. If you cannot walk, crawl. Whatever it takes, keep moving until you achieve all your goals and attain your success.

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